5 Ways to Fix Your Small Business Email

Many public email services provide email for free with excellent features that work fine for individual consumers. Not businesses though.

YourName @ public-email.tld does not equal You @ YourBusiness.com
That Internet address is part of your business brand! B00tyShakr12@aaol.com is whole different level of worse.

The facts say that using free public email is the worst thing you can do for Your Small Business!

Fact: Having Exchange Email does not automatically mean you must pay for and use Outlook apps. (Outlook web access is free, robust, full featured and perfect when you primarily use smartphone or tablet)

Fact: iCloud and other public email services block SPAM in the blind. You never get to see what was blocked.

Fact: Old POP style email can be easily lost with a lost smartphone or dead laptop. It also does not meet current HIPPA and other security policy requirements.

Fact: Having an email server at the office is more expensive and risky than any other email service.

Fact: There is no way for you to support Small Business email problems without taking away time from running Your Small Business.

It is not all bad news! There are 5 ways to fix Small Business email.

Fix: Preserve your capital by choosing an email provider with; Employee communication assistance, 24/7 phone and email support, NO Hardware or software requirements.

Fix: Choose an email provider that; Is fully protected against natural disaster, cyber threats and lost data with at least a 99.999% uptime garuntee.

Fix: If your Small Business must comply with HIPPA or other standards, only use an email provider that enables 100% complaince control.

Fix: Select an email provider that offers additional security features like URL Protection that protect your Small Business.

Fix: Choose an email provider that fully supports email service self management and provides training resources for your Small Business.

The power of choice is yours! Learn to manage your business email yourself with complementary training or outsource email account management at a minimal monthly cost. Contact Small Biz IT now!